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League Rules

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 05, 2015 3:02 pm

Warhammer 40k Winter Escalation League:
Goal: To build and paint a 1850 point 40k army and five objective markers, To encourage players to build, paint, and expand their army.

The escalation league will run from Saturday, January 23th, 2016 to Saturday, April 16th.
The league will start with a 500 point Combat Patrol Force, and steadily grow in increments until the final weeks, where a player will have his full 1850 points on the table
Each week will start on a Sunday, and games may be played at that points level any time during that week for league points.
The points limit during each week is the minimum points limit for games to be played at, and it is expected that Escalation League Participants have a force of this size available for games. However, you may, with your opponents consent play larger point games.

The weeks will be structured as follows:
January 24th - 500 Point Combat Patrol *
January 31st - 500 Point Combat Patrol *
February 7th - 750 Point Restricted FOC **
February 14th - 750 Point Restricted FOC **
February 21st - 1000 Point Standard FOC **
February 28th - 1000 Point Standard FOC **
March 6th - 1250 Point Standard FOC ***
March 13th - 1250 Point Standard FOC ***
March 20th - 1500 Point Standard FOC ***
March 27th - 1500 Point Standard FOC ***
April 3rd - 1850 Point Standard FOC***
April 10th - 1850 Point Standard FOC***
April 17th - end of League Game/Award/Prizes

* Combat Patrol Rules are as follows:
You must stay within the allotted points limit. You must use this Force Organization Chart; 1 HQ, 1 - 3 Troops, 0-1 Elite, 0-1 Fast Attack, 0-1 Heavy Support, 0-1 Optional additional Troop, Elite, Fast Attack, or Heavy Support Choice.
You must field at least one HQ and one troop choice. You are not required to field any mandatory choice per your codex rules. HQ choices that don't take an HQ slot may be taken as your HQ, provided they do not require any additional codex requirements. (I.E. you still need a commander to have a command squad)
You may not field additional FOC chart slots than the ones listed, including choices which don't take a Force Organization Slot.
No models in your army may have more than 2 wounds with the exception of HQ choices, troop choices, and swarms. No model in your army may contain a 2+ armor save, nor a 2+ or 3+ invulnerable save. No vehicles in your army can have an AV value greater than 12 on any facing, this only counts a vehicle's base armor. Do not count Wargear or Special Rules which add to the armor value.   These rules are just for Combat Patrol(first 2 weeks)

** FOC per your Codex

***FOC per your Codex, and may take Allies, 1 Battle Brother codex

Game Play

We will playing modified Maelstorm
   All Deployment will be Dawn of War(long side of the tables)
   Objective Markers placement only 1 marker per player can be place in the deployment zone, the rest per the standard rules.
Tactical Objectives, if you get one that you can not do at all then you may discard it and draw another, like "Witch Hunter" and your opponent has no Psyker units
   Everything else is as per the main rule book


All scores must be recorded on battle report sheet and both players will need to sign it. All players will be eligible for the following scores:
5 Points Per Game Played, a player can only receive these points up to 3 times a week.(can only play the same person 2 times per week)
10 Points for any model/unit completed during the course of the escalation league max of 30 points per point block(ever two weeks)
15 Points for a custom character converted and painted during the course of the escalation league, can only receive these points 3 time for the duration of the league.
5 Points per objective marker converted and painted during the course of the escalation league, to a maximum of 30(6 markers) *
20 Points – Will be given for a converted and painted display board for your 1850 point army roster. This must be completed by the end of the escalation league and able to display your army at the end of the league game.**

* Objective Markers. Must be built on a  base, converted to match your army, and must be able to reasonably fit in most ruins, estimated height of 3"

** Display Boards will need to be fully painted. The board should be themed to go with your army,  and should be able to put your whole army on it


Forgeworld models and units may be fielded any time during the escalation league games.
It is recommended that the actual forgeworld model be fielded if possible. However, a sufficient conversion may be used in lieu of the actual model. The conversion must match the Forgeworld model as much as possible (for example, a Land Raider Achilles must be built on a Land Raider, must have a thunderfire cannon mounted on the front, and must have MM sponsons on the sides. A dreadnought drop pod must be bigger than a standard drop pod and have sufficiently larger doors. Etc.).

Seasonal Champion: The player with the most points at the end is the winner.

Best In Show: At the end of the season, players will judge which person has the "Best in Show" army at leagues end. This is an army that is well painted, or just plain cool, etc.

Single Model : At the end of the league, players will judge which person was the single model army at league's end.

Designers Note - Even though there is a points system in this escalation league and a reward for everything you get accomplished, there is only one prize at the end where the points actually matter. The goal is to keep the emphasis on painting and theme, and not trying to abuse a points system to grab prizes. Some of the league prizes are player voted, so players who put effort in painting quality and not just spamming to get quantity points will have a goal to shoot for.


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Re: League Rules

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:21 pm

Army list sheet Army list Sheets


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